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For my pals suffering from writer’s block (and who isn’t?)

Fried Day:

When my mind writes

Cinquains that make no sense

And blackmails restless hands to form

Dumb thoughts.

a muse sings


she arrives, unannounced

in a ticker tape rain parade.

breathtaking. mind blowing. bubbles

greet her in huddled masses.

She winks her approval

and speaks volumes,

in a sing-song voice,  knowing

 full well, words smear

when wet, and liquid memories


Oh Calliope-WHY

must you present your infant lovingly

when you see a glint in my eye,

only to whisk her away before I can

wrap my arms around her?

round and down she goes

round, down into the eye of the hurricane–

see foam returning to the well,

holding captive the remains of the day

and, always the loving mother,

you chase her, with a bow and a whoosh–

so proud of your clever game.

well, I don’t find it so….

a musing,  in the shower.

Please, leave me in peace

Can you not see my turmoil?

I spend my days

attempting to weave rhymes through my fingers

with clenched fists

teasing  out knots and frays and

excising specks of dust from cobwebs until only

a wrecked whole with sticky notes remains

Nothing to show, no spoils

of victory at the end of the day

You standing here reminds me of what I ought to be doing–

Something worthwhile and productive

Something lucrative and secure

Or, something like doing laundry

or sweeping floors.

How dare you invade this room,

your hammer swinging from your hip

in perfect three-quarter measure

and trample all over my juxtaposition

with your perfect meter

This is border-line harrassment

I suppose you would like me to pick up the broom

and sweep up these broken couplets littering your room

and toss them away with the mud from your shoes


Just go—leave me in peace

to play my solitary game

without a full deck


The saw hums quietly in the distance while

The  leaking faucet you came in to fix mocks me….

Drip drip drip

Oh Mind, Heart and Hands do strange bedfellows make

For when two would give, one would selfishly take

No evidence found of the Mind who’d submit

to the will of the Heart, if Hands wouldn’t commit.