Greetings all!

Some of you may know that I’ve been looking for work for almost 9 months. Well, I found some–temporary and a short term project, but at least it is “real work” that pays.

This is decidedly good.  😀

Of course, having a “real job” means I am not going to be able to spend as much time hanging out with my buddies here in cyberspace. This, to me, is badreally bad. I enjoy our discussions immensely. 😦

What’s a girl to do? I guess the only choice I have is to attempt to burn the midnight oil to squeeze in some reading and writing time.  I just don’t think I can put aside blogging and commenting for a few weeks. Nope, can’t do it. So I’m giving you all fair warning that my comments or posts may seem like they were written by a sleep-deprived, stressed out lunatic who is trying to adjust to a work schedule.

In short–this could get ugly. Bear with me, friends 🙂

Good vibes out to all!  For now, I’ll leave you with another of my favorite poems by Hafiz. I actually have it on my “inkspot” page, but it bears repeating:


Even after all this time

The sun never says to the earth,

“You owe Me.”

Look what happens with

A love like that,

It lights the Whole Sky.

– Hafiz

Warning: This is a set-up. Your answer may be used in an upcoming poem. Just thought I’d warn you:)

So I have a poem on simmer right now but need some help from the peanut gallery.

What do you find humorous? What makes you laugh? You may reference things that give you a slightly turned up mouth or things that make you commit  the unthinkable–snort from laughing so violently. Come on, you know you’ve done it….

Do tell. Inquiring minds want to know:)

Thank you for participating in this little research project. I shall inflict my findings on you as payment:)

I gave you everything I had–

Laid myself bare before you

During candlelit nights

As the world slept

And our conversation was a whisper

Only we could hear.


We grew together and it became

Impossible to know

Where I stopped

And where you began.

You were a part of me, you were able

To complete my sentences.


How can you now refuse me?

You meet my pleading eyes

With a cold, blank stare.

You brazenly touch others

The way you used to touch me, and leave me

 Waiting, wanting more.


They talk about you, your insight,

As if you are brilliant–

Some kind of wonderful.

Let me remind you, Darling–

You were nothing until me. I can destroy you

And erase your memory in an instant.


But I’ll just sit back and let you be. Go ahead–

Have your way with unsuspecting  strangers

Whose eyes you catch and whose hearts

You capture. Let it remind me always

That there is nothing more egotistical, more self-centered

Than a poem.



Twilight taught her children

how it’s natural to diverge

and to stray from Light–for darkness comes

each day, at Heaven’s urge

And although she seems foreboding,

shifting paths ahead unclear,

It is in this slow defeat of light

She says “Rebirth is near!”


She showed how the bloom would wither,

petals drop and blow away,

if not for the Night–who grants reprieve

and tends to wounds of Day;

and how withered blooms surrender

when their use outlives their form–

but she vowed to us that Day would bring

A stronger Promise born.


Then she bowed her head to Venus

and she slipped away, unseen–

knowing she had served us well

at places in-between.



i stood there this morning

weighing in

and when I finally looked at it

it seemed I lost a lot, too much


i had no idea

tears were so heavy

and now I am afraid



i will evaporate completely

because in truth i have Never


like this




one single taproot grows the tree

one silent ripple rocks the sea

and lonesome does our one moon stand

yet lulls the water to the sand


a breath of wind, of humble power

gives flight to seed to grow the flower

and one stone more will part the stream

when hopeless did the passing seem


it seems we notice one subtracted-

a moment spent, one word retracted

unconscious of  ethereal  kindness

we walk the shore in partial blindness….



The might of one we fail to see

when cloaked in sweet simplicity








This word unspoken

tangles in my lips—

unnamed, unborn

and swallowed, sharpens its intent

of freedom and of form

Reborn Desire

leans upon good deeds for her expression

but just one act will satiate

Desire’s sweet obsession


As rivers rush to join the sea

oblivious to course

So too, Desire soon will seek

Communion with her Source

And being once betrayed by breath

Decides on circumvention

and holding hostage heart and pen

finds voice and her redemption…..



Oh, how I        love           you.