…and when the light came,

I saw the entourage of demons

you bemoaned during the long night,

while I collected your tears

in my shoulder, they were

chained and locked to your hips like


spokes in a wheel

circling you,  chanting

and snickering

Tangled, wicked metal

knots around your feet

Below your waist


you writhed in agony,  ensnared,

but your face-

in your face  I found the Mona Lisa-

and as you tripped and limped  away

I saw the keys you had hidden

in your back pocket


and sympathy turned to fury

the sun burned hot

while I contemplated

angels and demons and

forty days and forty nights

of torture


then walked away,


cursing you ,

for damning me.



She had

very little

in her cart

and she was

poking at pockets

searching for papers

and coins

in her wallet

and robbing me

of my time

when a plastic

accordian of photographs

fell to the conveyor belt

and I noticed a snapshot

of her with a man

they were smiling

he had his arm around her

and she showed the cashier

who said something

and touched her



then she unloaded

her basket and

she had

a bouquet

of carnations and daisies

a steak

two tomatoes

a head of lettuce




ear of corn

and I suddenly felt ashamed

and I wondered

if she noticed

and she looked at me

full of sorrow

knowing I knew

at once,

She had.