i wrote this poem

with you in mind

and realized i have

nothing to say

there is no reason to write

it ends here

This is for you.



I miss you. I miss our talks

Heads together, holding hands,

Discussing Pluto and craters on the moon.

Just you and me. Us  

Sealed off from the world, in

Our own universe, in a different state.

We didn’t know that triangular relationships fail–

Someone is always neglected.

We forgot about Us, we didn’t consider

Things from this angle.

We didn’t even take photos

Of Us. No reminder of what

We looked like.


The break was inevitable.

Unbalanced things fall, and Nature and Time

Consort to soften sharp edges

And round us out–

Domes are stronger than cathedral spires.

Broken, we gathered up fragments of our Selves,

And left Us behind.

And moved on.  Alone, in opposite directions.

But I never forgot you, and I suddenly

Remembered Us.


And now, here you are.

We have come full circle.

I can feel you. You approach me

From a distance.


Hush. Be still now.  Stay

Where you are, stay there—

You and I create a space for Us when we’re together–

One that we can’t fill.  Us is no longer available.

She has moved on and found herself

A new home.


But here, at this distance, we are safe

From the forces of Nature. We will not break.

We are safe, and it is good.


Step outside….look up….

Can you see those stars above?

They haven’t changed. On the darkest night

If we tilt our heads and narrow

Our vision we will see

Five points of light

In each one, a child’s rendition of a sphere

On fire for eternity.

Let’s find our own constellation,

And try to make sense of heaven again…


Now, do you see it? We found it—

It was there all along


Our monochrome memento

of the Story of You and Me.

It’s just that you’re complicated,


You just don’t understand my thinking

Things of importance are lost

With you. I know needing someone

It’s just,  well,      good.

It’s just at times, it just isn’t. What I want

To say is that it just isn’t going to work

And it’s just that

               I need to go.

Do you understand what I mean?


I said



His keys cracked the table as he left

              His signature

                     And walked out, leaving me

Alone with strangers, digesting and unravelling

The meaning of his just’s.