…and when the light came,

I saw the entourage of demons

you bemoaned during the long night,

while I collected your tears

in my shoulder, they were

chained and locked to your hips like


spokes in a wheel

circling you,  chanting

and snickering

Tangled, wicked metal

knots around your feet

Below your waist


you writhed in agony,  ensnared,

but your face-

in your face  I found the Mona Lisa-

and as you tripped and limped  away

I saw the keys you had hidden

in your back pocket


and sympathy turned to fury

the sun burned hot

while I contemplated

angels and demons and

forty days and forty nights

of torture


then walked away,


cursing you ,

for damning me.





God  Made  Man                                                 One Day


                                        Quite Simply

                                          He Spoke                      


The Word                                                          And He Was               


In Flesh                                                                Formed



                           And It Was Out of Love For Us.



Twilight taught her children

how it’s natural to diverge

and to stray from Light–for darkness comes

each day, at Heaven’s urge

And although she seems foreboding,

shifting paths ahead unclear,

It is in this slow defeat of light

She says “Rebirth is near!”


She showed how the bloom would wither,

petals drop and blow away,

if not for the Night–who grants reprieve

and tends to wounds of Day;

and how withered blooms surrender

when their use outlives their form–

but she vowed to us that Day would bring

A stronger Promise born.


Then she bowed her head to Venus

and she slipped away, unseen–

knowing she had served us well

at places in-between.

Please-don’t go-you’re safe-I promise

and I have nowhere to be

All I want is just to sit with you

beneath this willow tree


Whispering leaves will be our choir

and our breath will be our prayer

Dappled Sun will lend Her halo

glistening softly on your hair


We can still obey tradition

if it helps to ease your mind

It’s just five steps to Baptism

And six steps to the Divine


Come, let’s find a kinder Eden

where Past Lives won’t force our leave

For the gates of Heaven never close

beneath this willow tree



one single taproot grows the tree

one silent ripple rocks the sea

and lonesome does our one moon stand

yet lulls the water to the sand


a breath of wind, of humble power

gives flight to seed to grow the flower

and one stone more will part the stream

when hopeless did the passing seem


it seems we notice one subtracted-

a moment spent, one word retracted

unconscious of  ethereal  kindness

we walk the shore in partial blindness….



The might of one we fail to see

when cloaked in sweet simplicity