Oh boy, am I in a mood today….do you think my creditors will agree?


According to Science,

Time does not really exist.

(You can not see it)

(You can not touch it)

It is a figment of our imagination.

Therefore, it stands to reason

That my payment is not really late–

                                               One can’t argue with Science.

So,  it seems to me

                                               You’ll just have to have Faith

that payment is coming,

In no Time at all.


Keep your chin up, you say…


Up? Can’t you see

That it’s been there all along?

And all I gained from this ridiculous posturing

Is an eye full of sting and a mouth full

 of pollution from rainmakers?

No, thank you. Kindly spoken

 But I believe I shall look down now,

Down to earth

and plant my feet firmly on the ground.

Dig in. Hope

Against hope, I am

Not now, nor will I ever again be the same

naive person, blinded

and choked by the nature of things

growing out of control.

My lament for the dying art of rhyming verse. Yesterday, I read through loads of literary journals, and only 2 poems that were published had any…

Eulogy for Rhyme


You who have exiled Rhyme to unsung antiquity!

Whose hearts jump and skitter not at melody and harmony!

No apology will I offer to cool your virgin skin

And stroke your tone-deaf soul as it damns

My lover buried underneath these fertile grounds of dismissal

Hear me now!  

I say to you, to All!

To all who proclaimed His wretched fall

From Poetic Grace with parched lips wrinkled

With distaste:


I AM the Necromancer, excavating and resurrecting ghosts

Dancing in moonlight , spinning tales to fill the starving sails

Of a sinking ship bound for Eternity

Committing the ultimate treason

Seducing verse with rhyme and reason

Betraying the frigid, enlightened Elite

For a wicked,


                                kiss on the mouth,

and a scarlet,


                      whisper in the ear