A revision of a previous post that has been bugging me. The original had comments so it seemed proper “blog etiquette” to post as new.


Twilight taught her children

 it is natural to diverge

and to stray from Light

for darkness comes

each day, at Heaven’s urge

and although she seems foreboding,

shifting paths ahead unclear,

it is in this slow defeat of light

she sighs rebirth is near


She showed how the bloom would wither–

petals fall and float away,

if not for the Night

who grants reprieve

and tends to wounds of Day;

and how withered blooms surrender

when their use outlives their form–

but she vowed to us that Day would bring

a stronger Promise born


Then she bowed her head to Venus

and she slipped away, unseen…

knowing she had served us well

at places in-between.