I have the “blahs” today. It’s rainy and cool and my motivation is reflecting the dreary weather. My muse is nowhere to be found, and I’m tired of looking for her.

When I feel like this it always helps me to spread a little joy to others. It inevitably makes me feel better.  My strategy today includes visiting new blogs and leaving comments. It always makes me feel good to get a comment, so I’m thinking it will make others smile as well.

I challenge you to spread a little happiness too. If you find a great blog, leave a comment below to direct us there…we’ll all be smiling 🙂


a muse sings


she arrives, unannounced

in a ticker tape rain parade.

breathtaking. mind blowing. bubbles

greet her in huddled masses.

She winks her approval

and speaks volumes,

in a sing-song voice,  knowing

 full well, words smear

when wet, and liquid memories


Oh Calliope-WHY

must you present your infant lovingly

when you see a glint in my eye,

only to whisk her away before I can

wrap my arms around her?

round and down she goes

round, down into the eye of the hurricane–

see foam returning to the well,

holding captive the remains of the day

and, always the loving mother,

you chase her, with a bow and a whoosh–

so proud of your clever game.

well, I don’t find it so….

a musing,  in the shower.