…and when the light came,

I saw the entourage of demons

you bemoaned during the long night,

while I collected your tears

in my shoulder, they were

chained and locked to your hips like


spokes in a wheel

circling you,  chanting

and snickering

Tangled, wicked metal

knots around your feet

Below your waist


you writhed in agony,  ensnared,

but your face-

in your face  I found the Mona Lisa-

and as you tripped and limped  away

I saw the keys you had hidden

in your back pocket


and sympathy turned to fury

the sun burned hot

while I contemplated

angels and demons and

forty days and forty nights

of torture


then walked away,


cursing you ,

for damning me.




This is an older post that I feel compelled to resurrect today as I read the wonderful words of kindness, gratitude and humility that are spilling across the pages of the wonderful blogs I visit. Thank you for reminding me that it is the little things that matter and are the most powerful–the thank yous, the anonymous visits, the smile in the eyes of a child, the crash of a wave on the shore, the gentle breeze, one kind word. Kindness is all around us if we only choose to see it.




one single taproot grows the tree

one silent ripple rocks the sea

and lonesome does our one moon stand

yet lulls the water to the sand


a breath of wind, of humble power

gives flight to seed to grow the flower

and one stone more will part the stream

when hopeless did the passing seem


it seems we notice one subtracted-

a moment spent, one word retracted

unconscious of  ethereal  kindness

we walk the shore in partial blindness….


The might of one we fail to see

when cloaked in sweet simplicity

I gave you everything I had–

Laid myself bare before you

During candlelit nights

As the world slept

And our conversation was a whisper

Only we could hear.


We grew together and it became

Impossible to know

Where I stopped

And where you began.

You were a part of me, you were able

To complete my sentences.


How can you now refuse me?

You meet my pleading eyes

With a cold, blank stare.

You brazenly touch others

The way you used to touch me, and leave me

 Waiting, wanting more.


They talk about you, your insight,

As if you are brilliant–

Some kind of wonderful.

Let me remind you, Darling–

You were nothing until me. I can destroy you

And erase your memory in an instant.


But I’ll just sit back and let you be. Go ahead–

Have your way with unsuspecting  strangers

Whose eyes you catch and whose hearts

You capture. Let it remind me always

That there is nothing more egotistical, more self-centered

Than a poem.






a spark

  Point blank        kills the Dark

now I see

this battle

is over

but the