Oh good grief! Is this what it has come to??? Did I really write this???

This is the result of watching an MSNBC documentary, reading a book on poetic form, digesting a little Shakespeare, and mixing in a bit of melancholic obsession with the fall. (At least that’s what I’m going to tell The Bard when he haunts me in my dreams for sacrilege.) I’m also going to blame Linda Cassidy Lewis for commenting that “October rages.” (jk, Linda 🙂 )

My husband hates this poem. I’ll consider that a compliment given his eternally optimistic disposition.

*with my apologies to The Bard


Serial killer Out, out brief candle!

Severs victims limb from limb

…Life’s but a walking shadow

October rages Struts…. then heard no more.

autumn walk

black and white photos

ventriloquists in a box

whisper of the past


God walks with bare feet

Leaves His sandals on my step

Knowing He’ll make dew

dabble  in  writing-

dot  eyes,  curve  seas.  connect  tease.

ink  blot  therapy.



Gotta love when poems write themselves! 🙂  Watched Tombstone,  and then stepped outside.

There it was…

Or maybe I’ve been hanging out at Darc’s place too much and now I notice these things….hmmm….



Caught a falling star

shot down, in blaze of glory

A wild western night