Today I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to this extraordinary community of creative spirits who have given me the honor of spending some time with me, reading my words and sharing their thoughts. If anyone would have told me that I’d be writing this post 6 months ago, I would have never believed it. To all of you who visit my little virtual home, who spend precious moments sharing insights, tears and giggles, please know I feel blessed beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have transformed my soul.

Over the past month a few of my blogging friends have honored me with a few awards. Today I shall pass the torch. The instructions for accepting and passing these along sometimes contradict, so I had to choose between instructions. They’ll be noted below at the bottom of this post. To save a copy of the award for posting on your site, just right click and save.


Azfree and Shraddha have given me the “Lovely Blog” award. If you have not visited their space, please do.  Azfree is a poet and Shraddha invites us all to join her on her journey to self-love. Both of these women are remarkable in their ability to connect us to the realm of spirit.




Val has granted me the Kreativ Blogger award. You must visit Val. She is real, and she is incredibly talented.  I love her to pieces for her strength of spirit and conviction, and I am a better person for knowing her. This award definitely looks a bit feminine, so I am posting another version below to pass along to fellow scribes of the male persuasion 😉 . Be gentle with me folks—I am by no means a digital whiz when it comes to creating these types of things. It’s simple but heartfelt. 🙂






Okay, this award makes you do a bit of work. The recipient is supposed to name 7 things about herself/himself that others would find interesting. Interesting? UGH. Let’s just go with 7 things.

  • In my other life I was an addictions counselor.
  • I often have dreams or gut feeling that come true. I know it sounds nutty, but it’s true. Oh the stories I could share. Someday I will.
  • When I was laid off in 2001, I taught myself to paint and sold decorative wood signs on Ebay. One sold for $212.00 and I almost collapsed with a coronary. I was terrified to ship it, but miraculously, the buyer loved it.
  • I started college at 16. Sweet revenge for being kicked out of kindergarten for being “unteachable.” J
  • I am addicted to nachos with sour cream. It is horrible, because the urge to have them always strikes after midnight, and I always give in.
  • The only day I ever cut school I went fishing, and caught a sunny that was being eaten by a larger fish. I got detention but it was so worth it.
  • I love Melissa Etheridge and can really belt out her tunes.


Moving on…..


Jaymie has gifted me with the Gorgeous Blogger Award. (LOL—perhaps “Gorgeous Blog” may have been a bit more appropriate and equally wonderful;) I could write a page about how Jaymie’s poems and insights have touched me, but instead I’ll let you find out for yourself. She is a gift, and I am incredibly grateful to have met her.




Thanks to all of you for these lovely gestures. You have made my eyes shine. J

Now for the winners! I tried not to award people with an award they have already received….

Lovely Blog:

Sara Fryd. To know her is to love her. Sara is responsible for me sharing my real name here on this blog.

Ebb Tide   Just simply beautiful poetry.

Four Winds Haiga  Absolutely exquisite compositions.

JPenStroke Once you visit you’ll know why.

Linda Cassidy Lewis  Soon to be in print. Just watch. 😉

Val Russell‘s blog goes from lovely to gut-wrenching to every emotion in between. She’s a gem.

DarcsFalcon who entertains me daily with her wit and comments.


Instructions: Please post a link back to this blog and pass along to 7 others.


Kreative Blogger Award:

DarcKnyt who never disappoints with his creative, witty posts. I learn something every day.

Joseph Harker who can write absolutely amazing poetry and has given me an education in various poetic forms simply by reading his work.

Paul Russell who is not only a poet, but also a wonderful person who provides social commentary within his work.

The Dark Lord who is a master of imagery.

Charles who writes like nobody I’ve ever read. And that’s saying something.

Utopian Fragments who bares his soul with us and in doing so makes it clear that we all share the same struggles.

Jaymie Thorne who is the very definition of a creative blogger, and a wonderful person.


Instructions: Please post a link back to this blog and pass along to 7 others.


Gorgeous Blogger Award:

Blissbait who I just found, and am so glad I did…absolutely inspiring

Words We Never Said  I cried the first time I read her words.

ColleeninCairns who is about as honest and real as a person can be, and shares her thoughts with us via beautiful poetry and personal essays.


Instructions: Please post a link back to this blog and pass along to 3 others.


Please visit each of these remarkable writers and be rewarded with a smile on your face, a new idea, or a sense of peace.


Thanks again…now click those links 🙂

a muse sings


she arrives, unannounced

in a ticker tape rain parade.

breathtaking. mind blowing. bubbles

greet her in huddled masses.

She winks her approval

and speaks volumes,

in a sing-song voice,  knowing

 full well, words smear

when wet, and liquid memories


Oh Calliope-WHY

must you present your infant lovingly

when you see a glint in my eye,

only to whisk her away before I can

wrap my arms around her?

round and down she goes

round, down into the eye of the hurricane–

see foam returning to the well,

holding captive the remains of the day

and, always the loving mother,

you chase her, with a bow and a whoosh–

so proud of your clever game.

well, I don’t find it so….

a musing,  in the shower.

Please, leave me in peace

Can you not see my turmoil?

I spend my days

attempting to weave rhymes through my fingers

with clenched fists

teasing  out knots and frays and

excising specks of dust from cobwebs until only

a wrecked whole with sticky notes remains

Nothing to show, no spoils

of victory at the end of the day

You standing here reminds me of what I ought to be doing–

Something worthwhile and productive

Something lucrative and secure

Or, something like doing laundry

or sweeping floors.

How dare you invade this room,

your hammer swinging from your hip

in perfect three-quarter measure

and trample all over my juxtaposition

with your perfect meter

This is border-line harrassment

I suppose you would like me to pick up the broom

and sweep up these broken couplets littering your room

and toss them away with the mud from your shoes


Just go—leave me in peace

to play my solitary game

without a full deck


The saw hums quietly in the distance while

The  leaking faucet you came in to fix mocks me….

Drip drip drip

Oh Mind, Heart and Hands do strange bedfellows make

For when two would give, one would selfishly take

No evidence found of the Mind who’d submit

to the will of the Heart, if Hands wouldn’t commit.