I remember that summer.

We met.

Bathing suits and

sandals with

worn soles.

Baring souls on a sand bar

over dirty


I was waiting for your friend

and you were

just waiting

for something, anything

or anyone

and I was there

Wait. I think I’m making this up. I remember the martinis but I think you did all the talking and I wasn’t listening to a word you said…


Take 2:


A single look was all it took

A glance that sparked a fire

Then came the touch

At once I knew

You were my heart’s desire

Strike that. It was lust. And “body’s” has too many syllables. Maybe something shorter…


Take 3:


Dark blue eyes on you

Splendidly symmetrical

A summer haiku

Oh, please. I will not sink to this level just to have something to write about. This absolutely sucks.


Final version:


Girl. Boy. A drink. A dance.

Intense.  Fast. Separation.

Together we weren’t poetry

Just free association.