I gave you everything I had–

Laid myself bare before you

During candlelit nights

As the world slept

And our conversation was a whisper

Only we could hear.


We grew together and it became

Impossible to know

Where I stopped

And where you began.

You were a part of me, you were able

To complete my sentences.


How can you now refuse me?

You meet my pleading eyes

With a cold, blank stare.

You brazenly touch others

The way you used to touch me, and leave me

 Waiting, wanting more.


They talk about you, your insight,

As if you are brilliant–

Some kind of wonderful.

Let me remind you, Darling–

You were nothing until me. I can destroy you

And erase your memory in an instant.


But I’ll just sit back and let you be. Go ahead–

Have your way with unsuspecting  strangers

Whose eyes you catch and whose hearts

You capture. Let it remind me always

That there is nothing more egotistical, more self-centered

Than a poem.