My lament for the dying art of rhyming verse. Yesterday, I read through loads of literary journals, and only 2 poems that were published had any…

Eulogy for Rhyme


You who have exiled Rhyme to unsung antiquity!

Whose hearts jump and skitter not at melody and harmony!

No apology will I offer to cool your virgin skin

And stroke your tone-deaf soul as it damns

My lover buried underneath these fertile grounds of dismissal

Hear me now!  

I say to you, to All!

To all who proclaimed His wretched fall

From Poetic Grace with parched lips wrinkled

With distaste:


I AM the Necromancer, excavating and resurrecting ghosts

Dancing in moonlight , spinning tales to fill the starving sails

Of a sinking ship bound for Eternity

Committing the ultimate treason

Seducing verse with rhyme and reason

Betraying the frigid, enlightened Elite

For a wicked,


                                kiss on the mouth,

and a scarlet,


                      whisper in the ear